BEST!!!Plush Microfiber Edgeless Towel 16″X16″ 100% Scratch Free Perfect For Auto Detailing,Washing,Interior Cleaning

BEST!!!Plush Microfiber Edgeless Towel 16″X16″ 100% Scratch Free Perfect For Auto Detailing,Washing,Interior Cleaning

List Price: US $2.00
Price: US $2.00
Blue Edgeless 380GSM
Blue Edgeless Thick
GreenEdgeless 380GSM
Grey Cobra Edgeless
Red Edgeless 450GSM
List Price: US $2.00
Price: US $2.00
item specifics
Item Type:
Sponges, Cloths & Brushes
Material Type:
Microfiber 80%Polyester 20%Polyamide
Item Width:
Item Diameter:
Special Features:
Car drying towel,super absorbency.
Item Weight:
Item Height:
Item Length:
Color 1:
Color 2:
Color 3:
Blue Edgeless Thick(450GSM)
Color 4:
Grey(350GSM,Cobra Monster Towel)
Color 5:
Red (450GSM)
Color 1 2 3 4 5 Edgeless
Product description


Best Microfiber Detailing Towels

Best Car Care&Detailing Edgeless Plush Microfiber Towel


1.Super Soft edgeless microfiber plush towel Specifications



Edgeless Plush Microfiber Towel 100% Scratch Free Perfect For Auto Detailing,Washing,Interior Cleaning


Please pay attention for the color:there are 5 kind of different towels

(Order Included: 1 X Microfiber Edgeless towel)

  • 1.Blue No edge  towel 380GSM
  • 2.Green No edge towel 380GSM
  • 3.Grey Cobra No edge Monster towel 350GSM
  • 4.Blue No edge Thick towel 450GSM
  • 5.RED No edge Thick towel 450GSM (70-80G/Piece)
Usage Car window,glass,lint free,Auto Quick Detailing,Buffing,Interior Dusting
Feature 1.Heavy weight, 380-450GSM,60g-76g per piece.
2.Non edge,no scratch.             
3.100% Scratch Free,ultra absorbancy,sock up water.              
4.Edgeless Plush Towel were cutted by Ultrasonic Edgeless Plush towel are heavy weight Microfiber that will never Bunch-Up.             
Size 40* 40cm(16"*16")
GSM 350-450

60g(Blue 380GSM)
60g(Green 380GSM)

53g(Grey Cobra Edgelesss 350GSM)
76g(BLUE Thick 450GSM)


2.Super Soft premium microfiber towel Details:

– Ultra soft plushness that is ultra absorbent
– 2 sides for multiple purpose use.
– Quality that lasts wash after wash,machine washable.
Ultrasonic edgeless.No scratches.
– Truly 100% microfiber with NO EDGES

Different Color with different GSM(Thickness) for multiple uses,actually thickness is not the only standard 🙂

Dust your vehicle inside and out, buff away wax or spray wax,wipe down your dashboard,polish your chrome trim! It’s fluffy and soft, you You can bet your vehicle will benefit from the gentle buffing action of the looped fibers and the super-absorbent weave.


3.Green/Blue/Grey/Red Photos

Good news!!! the Original 380GSM version edgeless towels are online now!!

Here is what a most professional Car detailer customer’s experience about the 380gsm VS 450gsm


(450GSM)Towels are very plush. Great for drying or waterless wash (my personal experience). I would prefer the 370gsm(380GSM) version for wiping off wax/polish residue because it has medium height fiber. This towel is cheaper and have same quality as the one in many famous detailing company in the US which is selling 5-6 dollar per towel. I will definately buy again in the future.


Details of "GREEN Edgeless 380GSM" :


Details of "Blue Edgeless 380GSM" :



Details of 450GSM "BLUE EdgelessThick":



Details of "Grey Cobra Edgeless" 350GSM Monster Towel(Please find from the below link)



Details of "Red Edgeless 450 GSM"VS "Blue Edgeless Thick=450GSM "




Thanks for shopping,any questions,please do not hesitate to message us 🙂


Expert review
BEST!!!Plush Microfiber Edgeless Towel 16″X16″ 100% Scratch Free Perfect For Auto Detailing,Washing,Interior Cleaning.
Review by: Patric S.
For openers, I’d say that the stuff is made of fine materials. At present it’s not so easy to get something of good quality for that money. The material is good and strong so in my opinion the merch can serve you for a considerable time. I think many people believe it to be highly important in such goods. In the internet, it’s not rare to find lots of products for an unreasonably high price but the quality in the end turns out to be much worse than you expect. From that point of view, there’s no point in considering the price of the product.

Another important detail is that the the thing is fairly comfortable. To my thinking, this trait is one of the first things try to keep in mind. I once happened to purchase something that seemed fine but what turned out to be too inconvenient.

A lot of people also take into consideration the eye appeal of the product. To my thinking, the given item looks interesting though this is my personal point of view.

As compared to other similar things I saw in the internet, beyond doubt this one is among the best. Its value for money is more than attractive. This quality is surely worth the expense. I don’t like to pay extra money when there’s merchandise of similar quality for better price.

In addition, I’d say the model is for sure worth the money. I’m lucky I saw it and ordered it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
The merchandise is a surely worth its price. The quality of the material combined with such a bargain price makes this merchandise a good deal.
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